Daycare Dilemma


We can't wait to show you our new child care center. Uh oh, we've got to cut this tour short, somethings wrong! Good thing you and your group are here, we need your help!



Fabulous Las Vegas. It was a great night wasn’t it?!?! Shame you can’t remember a thing. What happened? How did we all get here, and where are the car keys? We have to get it together. Security is showing up in one hour to kick us out because of all the trouble we caused last night. Does the slogan “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” apply to what we did last night? 

The Den (SPRING 2019)


When Grandpa's nurse quit, we didn't understand. Now the last two we've hired are missing! Grandpa's on his way home from the hardware store and you've only got one hour to get in there and see if YOU can figure it out. Good luck... 

Ready for the challenge?